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Quality Contract Manufacturing & Design

Prototype, Low or Medium Volume Assembly

* Hand or Semi Auto vision screen printers.
* Tecan Genesis frame system
* Accuracy and repeatability on fine pitch devices


* Hand & Semi Auto placement for Prototypes
* TWS Quadra Laser Auto placement machines
* Placement accuracy +/- 0.10mm on X/Y axis & 0.16 degrees on theta
* Places 0402, melf, mini melf, sot diodes, PLCC & LCCC integrated
  circuits up to 35mm. * Electrolytics up to 10.5mm high.
* High feeder capacity - 120 x 8mm feeders
* Max standard board size - 440mm x 360mm
* Productivity - 3600cph


High Volume Assembly

* Semi Auto vision screen printers
* Tecan Genesis frame system
* Accuracy and repeatability on fine pitch devices


* i-Pulse M4e Fast Precision Auto placement machines

  - Placement accuracy - 60um chips & 35um QFP etc.
  - Places 0201 to 54mm sq., QFP, BGA & CSP
  - High feeder capacity - 120 x 8mm Feeders
  - Max standard board size - 460mm x 410mm
  - Belt-less drive in X, Y & Z Axis
  - 15mm standard component height
  - True on the fly scanning
  - Full & automatic MIS system
  - Productivity:
  - tact speed 0603-12500cph
  - tact speed SOIC16-11500cph
  - tact speed QFP 100-3700cph


Machines linked by 50/50 split conveyor to allow both machines to run independantly as well as together to ensure flexibility in production.

* I-Pulse M6EZ 6H High Performance Flexible Mounting Centre…

• Placement accuracy ~ 50um for chips & 35um for QFPs and
fine pitch placements.
• 01005 chip placement capability.
• Max. Component height ~ 15mm.
• 6 in-line precision mounting heads utilising full independent
Z-axis using AC servomotors.
• True ‘On the fly’ component scanning with Bi-directional
• 0.5, 0.4 & 0.3 mm lead pitch camera available
• High speed zero motion loss vision processing engine
• 120 x 8mm Tape feeder capacity.
• Intelligent feeders.
• Fiducial correction function, dual bad mark and manual
teach camera.
• 20 position auto nozzle changer.
• Automatic nozzle recognition system.
• Dual head teach\Fiducial recognition cameras.
• Pass-thru conveyor system.
• IPC9850 tact speed 0603 ~ 19,000 cph
• IPC9850 tact speed SOIC16 ~ 17,400 cph
• IPC9850 tact speed QFP100 ~ 6,300 cph

IMG_5410 (Medium)

* Dual Hot Air Convection/IR SMT Ersa Hotflow5 Reflow Oven

* IR-PL-RPC550A BGA Rework Station

•DynamicIR & Closed Loop selective reflow process
•2 channel temperature recording: 1 IRS sensor, 1 AccuTC thermocouples (K-type)
•Laser pointer for component ID & PCB positioning
•Manual reflow head with auto component lift-off
•Integrated axial top cooling fan
•Integrated digital soldering station with soldering iron
•Remote control via mouse or PC using IRSoft
•CCD camera with 18 x optical and 4 x digital zoom
•Programmable camera presets
•Multiple angle, movable & fixable arm
•Remote control via mouse or PC using IRSoft
•Live Video Window
•2 each High-quality PAL CCD cameras
•(18 x optical + 4 x digital zoom)
•Manual component handling (from 1 x 1 mm to 40 x 40 mm in size)
•"Auto Component Drop-Off" at 1.5 N (up to +/- 0.010 mm accuracy)
•40 x 40 mm beam split optic for large QFPs
•Motorized zoom and focus; one push auto focus
•Two side red / white LED illumination
•Visualization of all rework process data with up to
•5 channel temperature recording
•Live process video window

9001 2015 mod - 9K colour copy

Cert No. 00227

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